President Jeb Bush's 2024 Replacement Is Powering Up
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There's been a lot of talk recently about Jeb Bush being the obvious GOP frontrunner in 2016 because he has a Mexican wife. But, what about beyond Jeb's two terms? Could we ever run out of President Bushes?

Not to worry. From the AP:

'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas

Nov 9, 12:06 AM (ET)


DALLAS (AP) - George P. Bush, a nephew of former President George W. Bush and son of one-time Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has made a campaign filing in Texas that is required of candidates planning to run for state office, an official said Thursday night.

The younger Bush, a Fort Worth resident, filed a campaign treasurer appointment Wednesday, 

Which coincidentally happens to be the day after the election, when all the smart money decided that Hispanics were the only hope of the Republican Party

a requirement for someone to become a candidate under campaign finance law, Tim Sorrells, general counsel for the Texas Ethics Commission, told The Associated Press.

Sorrells said the report does not specify what office Bush might seek, if any, and he had no other details on the filing, which wasn't available online. ...

The 36-year-old said ... runs a consulting firm and has been active in Republican Party outreach to college students. He's also the co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a group that seeks to elect Hispanic candidates.

Ana Navarro, who was the national Hispanic co-chairwoman for John McCain when he ran for president in 2008, tweeted her enthusiasm Thursday.

"Wrote check for my friend, (at)georgepbush newly formed exploratory committee for office in TX. Young, pragmatic, Hispanic, just what GOP needs," Navarro's tweet read.

Bush and his wife, Amanda, met while attending law school at the University of Texas at Austin.

I tried to look up something bad about Amanda, but came away thinking she sounds like a much better First Lady than George P. sounds like a President. People who went to Rice with George P. were not impressed, but this Amanda seems formidable. You have been warned.

Bush also has Navy service on his resume, including a six-month deployment to Afghanistan, where, for security purposes, he was given a different name. Not even those he was serving alongside knew he was a Bush.

Okay, so spending 6 months in Afghanistan in Naval Intelligence (doing what, checking on naval action on the Helmand River?) is at least something. He's making an effort.

In other Bush Dynasty news, George P.'s dad Jeb has a book coming out, cowritten with Clint Bolick, called Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution. I can't wait.

May I offer some advice to Mr. Bush? Lose the word "Wars" from your title. Don't remind people.

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