President Bush Concedes Election, Fires Rumsfeld, Invokes Bipartisanism And FORGETS Immigration Reform? Yeah, Right!
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According to Bush II, "the Democrat Party had a good night last night."

Well, that's one way to put it-another would be "the GOP had their butts handed to them by the libs!"

These words were spoken at a press conference just moments ago. Strangely, President Bush seemed to have an extraordinary amount of difficulty (more so than usual) issuing Karl Rove's thoughts from the notes on is podium to the mass assemblage of eager beaver reporters before him.

After 10-15 minutes of "Political Let's Play Pretend" wherein the President played the role of Nancy Pelosi's new BFF (best friend forever), he took questions from the audience.

As usual, it was one stupid question after another while Peter Brimelow and I sent instant messages back and forth wondering why the immigration question was being ignored.

(And yes, it was intentionally ignored although the President would later deny it.)

Finally, one reporter stood up and asked the $64,000 question:

On immigration, many Democrats had more positive things to say about your comprehensive proposal than many Republicans did. Do you think a Democratic Congress gives you a better shot at comprehensive immigration reform?

What a perfectly worded question…loosely translated: Is your agenda more compatible with liberal ideals or conservative ideals?

This was his response:

"You know, I should have brought this up. I do. I think we have a good chance. Thank you. It's an important issue and I hope we can get something done on it. I meant to put that in my list of things that we need to get done."

He mentioned twice again that he "forgot" to mention immigration reform…you know, the issue most divisive to his party that is also quite possibly the cause of their downfall.

He reiterated his commitment to a guest worker program and his confidence that the Dems would likely help him push it through-then he very abruptly left the stage.

Peter Brimelow thought he looked frazzled and was caught off-guard-that for some reason the Bush administration does not want to talk about the issue right now.

I disagree…I think this was the issue he most wanted to discuss.

Crikey! During this same press conference, the President announced the resignation of his long-time Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld…and only devoted about 15 words and even fewer seconds to the subject!

He abruptly left after the immigration question because that was the only question he was waiting for—he knew he couldn't bring it up himself without looking like a happy pig in mud.

There was absolutely no way for Bush II to broach the topic safely—he had to wait for someone to ask him so he could celebrate the imminent passage of his wholly un-conservative piece of legislation without appearing to thank the Democrats or bitch-slap the Republicans.

Had he initiated the conversation it would have looked something like this:

"Yeah, Republicans lost everything last but night but lookey-loo! I'm still a winner! My amnesty bill will definitely pass now! Tough luck, Hastert…"

So much for bipartisanism…this was just another Bushism.

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