POWERLINE On A Possible Compromise To Pass The Gang Bill—And LEGAL Immigration
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John Hinderaker has an excellent piece on a dangerous compromise Rubio may be making with Senator Cornyn. Hinderaker says a source said:

“It’s a trap. They are going to Toomey-Manchin this thing: Announce a big compromise right before the vote, give no one any time to read it, and scare GOP moderates into voting for it.” [Is a Toomey-Manchin Compromise In the Works On Immigration? June 5, 2013 ]

What really makes Hinderaker’s piece special is that unlike all the “border security first” people, he understands exactly what the problem is:

“...the whole ‘border security’ issue is nothing but a trap for conservatives. The idea that we should trade the other provisions in the Gang’s bill for border security—even airtight, perfect border security, starting tomorrow—is a delusion. The problem with the Gang’s proposal is that it a)immediately legalizes 11 million illegal immigrants, and then b) authorizes a vast increase in legal immigration over the coming years.”

So Hinderaker is also special in understanding that legal immigration is  a problem. The only thing I would add to this great piece is that even promises of great border security will almost certainly be lies. Remember the double fence which was never built (except for about 40 miles) and remember that we are still waiting over a decade for the promised entry/exit system to keep track of legal visitors?

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