POST Columnist: White People Made Trump President; White People: Is Something Wrong With That?
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Colbert King

The Washington Post’s black leftist writer Colbert I. King is not happy about the Trumpocalypse.

The newspaper headlined his column thusly: “Spare me the euphemism. White people made Trump president.”

 Yeah, and what of it?

Wrote King [Email him]

Drop the “globalization and multiculturalism” genteelism.

Call it what it is.

It’s low-skilled brown people from Mexico showing up in the job market and competing with low-education white folks. It’s non-Christian immigrants—yes, those Muslims—and illegal immigrants who have “our people” fearfully looking over their shoulders and, in some cases, down their noses.

It’s lazy black people given everything by Washington, including the social advantages that white folks alone used to enjoy.

It’s “crooked” Hillary Clinton and the prospect of her and Bill back in the White House working along with white liberal know-it-alls and international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty—and not multiculturalism—that sent voters flocking to the polls for Trump.

It’s the illegitimate President Obama, that secret Muslim born in Kenya, who supports the LGBT agenda, favors putting boys in girls’ locker rooms, promises entitlements to the undeserving, governs by executive order—and not globalization—that made them vote for Trump.

It is us—the resentment of us, along with all of the above, that stoked the powerful movement that materialized Election Day.

It is us, and from us, that they want to take back America—as if we ever had it.

The implicit message here is that whites must never vote against the interest of Colbert I. King, who’s angry that “white people made Trump president.”

I'm not sure I see the problem here.



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