Portrait Of A Hate Criminal
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Keith Phoenix, the man pictured right, was, according to the SPLC's Hatewatch, a "Man Guilty of Murder as Hate Crime."

They say

"A 30-year-old man accused of beating an Ecuadorean immigrant to death on a Brooklyn street was convicted on Monday of murder as a hate crime."

The headline in the New York Times says Man Guilty of Murder as Hate Crime, [June 28, 2010]

Their Keith Phoenix page, from which I got this picture, describes him as a "Bronx resident."

Prosecutors said that Mr. Phoenix and an accomplice, Hakim Scott, attacked Mr. Sucuzhañay (pronounced suh-KOO-shen-y’eye) and his brother in December 2008 because they were Hispanic and because the suspects believed the brothers were gay.

While there is a link to Mr. Phoenix's photograph in the web version of the NYT, the story doesn't even hint that he's black. His accomplice, Hakim Scott, is also black, and has been convicted of first-degree manslaughter, but not of a hate crime.

The difference is apparently that Scott could get 40 years, and Phoenix could get life.

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