Portland Is Swimming In Dope—Provided By Illegal Aliens
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A reader's recent letter on immigration caused me to do a bit of research on the drug trade in the Pacific Northwest.

From a site written by a former physics professor with direct experience with the Portland drug trade (as a user):

"Heroin is pervasive in Portland (excuse the iliteration).

Portland, Oregon. To give you a good example of this, all you have to do is stand on the street in a residential neighborhood. The drug dealers literally drive around town waiting for pages from their clients. All you have to do is wait long enough on the street and you will see them drive by.

How can you spot them? First, they are always Mexican. That isn't racism, it is just the reality of the city. Heroin dealing is controlled by Mexicans."

Now, what's going on here? I would suggest that some crimes are much easier to propagate someplace other than ones home-as the involvement of Westerners and others in the Chinese opium trade showed. A foreign national has the option to leave if they commit a crime in another country-and is likely to have minimal adjustment problems compared to someone that is a native.

The whole question of how drug problems should be handled is a big one-and one outside the scope of Vdare.com. However, the presence of over 10 million illegal aliens makes it difficult to enforce a wide range of laws.

The employers of illegal aliens, financiers of illegal immigration—and the politicians that set up the rules and incentives are the real criminals. Their property and position should be confiscated to alleviate the enormous damage they have caused.

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