Population Pressure And Hispanics
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I read Steve Sailer's blog about population and he is right that it is not PC to mention the high birth rates in undeveloped countries or in the U.S either. I'll bet if one did a Jay Leno interview on the street and asked what racial or ethnic group has the highest teen birth rate, the answer would be "blacks" and that would be wrong.

I went to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB.org) website and read that the teen birth rate for developed countries was 21 per 1,000 women but the teen birth rate for the U.S. is 42 per 1,000 women. I went back to the CDC/NCHS website to the publication I referenced and here are the teen birth rates by ethnicity (again):

All Women

Non-Hispanic White

Non-Hispanic Black






The Population Reference Bureau did not break out the teen birth rate by race and ethnicity or bother to explain why our teen birth rate is so high. Are we surprised? Nope

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