Polygamy Watch
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A decade ago, I correctly called that the New York Times was promoting transgenderism as the Next Big Thing after gay marriage.

What’s next?

Pedophilia? Bestiality?

Recently, I came around to thinking polygamy (although no doubt under some more euphemistic term) would be next.

From the New York Times news section:

Interested in Polyamory? Check Out These Places

Laws granting rights to people in polyamorous relationships are being recognized in more cities.

By Valeriya Safronova
May 16, 2023

… In recent years, Somerville, a four-square-mile city with 80,000 residents just outside Boston, has quietly turned into something of a haven for those who practice consensual nonmonogamy, an umbrella term for relationship styles that involve more than two people. One of these is polyamory, which involves intimate or romantic connections with multiple people and the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Polygamy means to be married to multiple people simultaneously.

Somerville is close to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and claims to have more artists per capita than any city besides New York. Often described as “hippie” or “bohemian,” the city is staunchly L.G.B.T.Q-friendly. There is a significant crossover between those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and pansexual and those who practice nonmonogamy, according to multiple studies.

I won’t yet say I’ve been proven right, but things seem to be progressing in the general direction I predicted.

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