Poll shows: Hispanic Voters don't care about immigration.
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The Pew Hispanic Center released an important poll today: Latinos and the 2010 Elections: Strong Support for Democrats; Weak Voter Motivation . Steve Sailer discussed the rather discursive New York Times report on it below.

To my mind, the Big News in the study is

the new survey shows that immigration does not rank as a top voting issue for Hispanics. Rather, they rank education, jobs and health care as their top three issues of concern for this year's congressional campaign. Immigration ranks as the fifth most important issue for Latino registered voters and as the fourth most important issue for all Latinos.

This is, Pew glumly notes, even after the Arizona controversy exploded.

What this means is that there is no reason for candidates for office to qualify support for patriotic immigration reform for fear of alienating Hispanics. Hispanics generally do not care very much. It does not move them.

Those who do care, as Steve says, are the "professional Hispanic activists" and the Election Consultants wanting outreach assignments.

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