Poll: Only 24% of Hispanic voters favorable toward Rubio
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I recently asked if anybody has checked whether Hispanic voters, the majority of whom are of Mexican background, actually like Senator Marco Rubio (R-CUBA). 

A reader points me to this December survey by Public Policy Polling of 700 registered voters, showing approval ratings for potential 2016 candidates. Among the 90 or so Hispanic voters surveyed, only 24% were favorable toward Rubio, while 42% said they were were unfavorable. (34% were not sure.) 

Rand Paul did slightly better among Hispanics, 28-39, as did Paul Ryan (42-48) and Mike Huckabee (33-39). Rick Santorum, at 24-41, edged out Rubio. Jeb Bush, the Great Brown Hope-in-Law Jeb Bush, was at 32-49. To Hispanics, the big man among potential GOP candidates was Chris Christie at 52-22.

Caveat: tiny sample size. 

But still, is there any polling evidence that Rubio Fiebre is anything other than a collective delusion among white Republicans?

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