Political Consultants As Marriage Prospects
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In a recent post on Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s reporting on the dubious U-Va. rape story, veteran editor Richard Bradley  was asking why Erdely hadn't contacted the alleged rapists, not only to get their side of the story, even if it was indignant denial, but also to make sure they existed. He wrote:

We simply do not know.

This issue is personal for me. About fifteen years ago, I wrote a long story for Mother Jones magazine about a Republican political consultant, married three times, who was alleged by his first two wives to have beaten them. I got the women on the record; I got friends of theirs on the record; I got relatives of theirs on the record. All confirmed the allegations.

Which is a big reason why people believed the story, and why I won the $4 million libel suit that the consultant filed against me and Mother Jones.[Beyond The Missing Men, Shots In The Dark, December 4th, 2014]

I suspect that despite the two parties differences over feminism and so on, that Republicans in general beat their wives less than Democrats.

However, I wouldn't advise any daughter of mine to marry a political consultant from either party.

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