Police turning against Bush on immigration?
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Jim Kouri, who amongst other things is an officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has an interesting essay on The Common Voice website Many Police Disenchanted with President Bush on Immigration -July 22 2006.

During the last presidential campaign cycle, many national and local police organizations, as well as individual officers and commanders, supported the reelection of George W. Bush...

But now there's increasing disenchantment with President Bush on his handling of illegal immigration and border security. More and more police agencies find themselves engulfed in crimes being committed by illegal aliens...

"The problem has gotten worse and worse each year and the only people debating the subject [of illegal immigration] are American citizens. The politicians — local, state and federal — ignore the will of the people," says one police chief who's own mayor is pro-open borders.

With one or two notable exceptions, Police Chiefs, probably fearing retribution from local politicians, have kept out of the immigration debate, or actively tried to dodge involvement. This comment, from a presumably well-informed source, is encouraging. One hopes to hear more on the subject from Jim Kouri

Applaud Jim Kouri

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