Please Clap: At Sharpton's Panderfest, Hillary Flails to Smattering of Applause
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From the NYT:

Hillary Clinton Gets Tepid Response at Black Activist Conference

A week after her husband had a tense encounter with black protesters, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday received a lukewarm response from a gathering of black leaders and voters in New York.

Speaking at the annual conference of the National Action Network, the civil rights organization founded 25 years ago by the Rev. Al Sharpton, Mrs. Clinton declared that “America’s long struggle with racism is far from finished” and presented an agenda that included overhauling the criminal justice system and eliminating lead as a major public threat within five years of taking office. A scattering of audience members occasionally applauded.

Mrs. Clinton focused on specific policy items, including expanding low-income housing tax credits, matching $10,000 in savings for a down payment for blacks who lag behind whites in home ownership, and a new plan “to fight environmental justice across America.”


Hillary is going to give $10,000 to blacks for down payments?

It’s a little hard to grasp exactly what Hillary’s version of George W. Bush’s Minority Homeownership push is supposed to do, but I think the NYT garbled that. I suspect Hillary’s plan is more nominally colorblind. But the funny thing is that virtually nobody will complain about the Times saying that Hillary will just give blacks $10,000 for being black.

… The gathering was somber this year, as Mr. Sharpton and other keynote speakers bemoaned that in January a white president will be inaugurated to replace the nation’s first black president. “It’s going to be a real hard day for us,” said Angela Rye, chief executive of the consulting firm Impact Strategies, who spoke before Mrs. Clinton.

Addressing the crowd, John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman and a former aide to President Obama, said, “I don’t just want it to be the first time a white president replaces a black president, but the first time a woman replaces a man president.”

The crowd was silent.

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