Picohontas: Another Term Trump Won't Use
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The brilliant term “Fauxcohontas” appears to have been coined by Mark Steyn around May 4, 2012. But you’ll notice that Donald Trump didn’t use this multilingual neologism, instead reverting to the more straightforward “Pocohontas.”

Now somebody (who?) has come up with the great “Picohontas.”

My guess is that Trump will never, ever use “Picohontas.” This has a double utility to Trump. By not using it, Trump doesn’t alienate the vast percentage of voters who don’t know that “pico” means “one-trillionth.” (I personally guessed it meant one-billionth, but that of course would be “Gigahontas.”)

But also, because Trump doesn’t use a supremely clever insult he lures in the Establishment Media to insult him as a low brow and thus keep the controversy alive on Trump’s terms: that Senator Warren isn't very Indian.

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