Pew Puff Poll Punts on Polygamy (and Sharia)
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The Pew pollsters published a major survey on Islam in the US on July 26 titled U.S. Muslims Concerned About Their Place in Society, but Continue to Believe in the American Dream.

It portrays Muslims residing in the US as concerned about terror and extremism in their religion, while feeling not entirely accepted in American society. The first graph in the paper reflected their feeling of non-acceptance:

So according to Pew, Americans are suspicious for some reason and Muslims are long-suffering victims. It’s a wonder so many immigrate here — in fact, 58 percent of US-residing adults are foreign born.

But instead of inquiring into thorny subjects of belief and behavior, Pew created a polling puff piece, an embarrassingly unserious excuse for an investigation. For example in the section about identity, one headline read, “In their personal lives, Muslims prize being good parents – much like other Americans.”

Mom and apple felafel, anyone?

The printable PDF version of the report runs to more than 150 pages, but a search found exactly Zero mentions of “sharia” or “polygamy” — topics which reveal a lot about whether Muslims are assimilating to American and western values.

By comparison, two years ago a different polling company did ask probing question about difficult topics like sharia, and the results were quite revealing. I wrote about it in a blog, Poll of Muslims Residing in America: Yes to Sharia, No to Assimilation.

Interestingly, over half of Muslims in America found Islamic sharia law to be agreeable in the poll, which was commissioned by the Center for Security Policy.

Violence against infidels can be justified for Islam, said some poll responders.

Both of the images come from a segment of the Bill O’Reilly show where the poll was discussed:

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