Pew On Illegals
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On Monday, the Pew Hispanic Center published a study on the size of the illegal immigrant population (they wimped this to "Undocumented").

We at VDARE.COM suspect Pew's 10.3 million estimate for the illegal alien stock is too low (so, apparently, does Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns). But Pew deserves praise for addressing the topic.

Particularly valuable: the prominence Pew gives to the rate of acceleration of the invasion. A 70 percent increase in the DC area since 2000 to 500,000 for example—23% nationwide in the same period—e.g. since George W. became Commander in Chief.

Undeserving of praise: the spin given by the Establishment Media:

"Flow of Illegal Immigrants to U.S. Unabated", gloated the Washington Post (Sylvia Moreno, March 22 2005) sneering at border enforcement.

"Undocumented migrants coming to stay," cheered the Arizona Republic (Chris Hawley, March 22 2005). So far I have not found that particular prediction in the study.)

And no-one mentioned the real story: the incentive to illegal immigration given by the Bush Amnesty proposal—and, even more outrageous, the Bush administration's silent abandonment of workplace enforcement.

What kind of householder stops objecting to burglars just because they have crossed the threshold?

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