Peter Brimelow On Trump And The Coming War For Patriotic Immigration Reform
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Late on Tuesday night—I was at my desk editing as usual —I got a call from a young Inside-The-Beltway friend of He was literally gasping with excitement about Donald J. Trump’s astonishing triumph in the GOP nomination race, just sealed by Ted Cruz’s withdrawal d announcement after the Indiana primary result.I don’t actually recall hearing someone literally gasping with excitement about politics before. But then, I don’t recall anything like Donald J. immigration1Trump’s astonishing triumph before—fueled by the immigration issue, as ATLANTIC’s Ronald Brownstein typically failed to tell his readers in his May 4 wrap-up although the bar chart in his own article showed immigration was THE top issue for Trump voters.

Deporting illegals was #2.

( immediately pointed out Brownstein’s odd omission. Thanks to the internet, the Main Stream Media can’t get away with this stuff anymore).

Then our young friend said something that affected my breathing.

“I really think can take credit here,” he said. “It’s your ideas, disseminated through [names redacted to protect patriots], that are behind all this.”

Our young friend is not noted for generous compliments. In fact, he once threw me into a serious depression by observing (brutally but accurately, alas) that I am a slow writer.

And his view of’s influence is not unique. Recently, the founder of the celebrated Friends Of Abe secret Hollywood conservative affinity group wrote that “every single” Conservatism Establishment type he ever worked with “read and appreciated…they would just never admit it publicly.”

Honestly, I can’t confirm to you what has informed Trump’s brilliant strike at the immigration jugular—and I’m pretty sure no-one else can (except possibly the beautiful Melania.)

But I can confirm, from observation and from reader reports, that is regularly cited in Town Halls and in the MSM comment threads that presaged and underlie this immense popular rising.

However, what our young friend said affected my breathing for two reasons:

  • I knew that is once again sliding into financial crisis.
Of course, this happens a lot in the life of small businesses (which is what we are). We’ve been here before and we hope to get out again. But right now we are not closing the budgetary gap fast enough to be able to afford our current pace of posting much longer. Unless you help us now, faces serious cut-backs—at the very least.
  • I knew that Trump’s triumph—the first triumph of a declared immigration patriot presidential candidate in the 17 years, and five presidential elections, since began posting—is only the beginning.
Next, will come the election campaign. And after that, for the next four years, President Trump’s battle with Congress, the courts, the Main Stream Media, and the entire Ruling Class, to achieve patriotic immigration reform.

During all that time, immigration patriots will need facts and analyses to counter the blizzard of lies this crusade will be sure to trigger. will be more vital than ever.

Please help make sure will be there.


Peter Brimelow


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