Peter Brimelow On The Stew Peters Show: "Standing For National Sovereignty: VDARE Sets Sights To The Supreme Court"
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Earlier: Peter Brimelow On The Stew Peters Show: Colorado Springs Lawsuit Is About The Free Speech Rights Of All Americans editor Peter Brimelow appeared on The Stew Peters Show, discussing our Colorado Springs Lawsuit.

Watch it below on Rumble:

VDARE is under fire from the radicalized leftist media as it tries to spread the truth regarding mass immigration and the policies and politics involved.

VDARE is on the verge of being de-platformed entirely, as police are not protecting public events, and Antifa is called to attend by John Suthers, mayor of Colorado Springs.

Now, founder of VDARE, Peter Brimelow, is in direct conflict with The New York Times over their decision to deem him a white supremacist, white nationalist, the list goes on. Instead, VDARE is fighting for America and protecting its borders and citizens. VDARE has pursued legal action repeatedly, as the courts have ignored all cases.


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