Peter Brimelow At The Inauguration, Plus @vdare On Twitter
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I was talking on the phone to Peter Brimelow, and I asked him if he had had time to get his hair cut. (I think he does this semi-annually, which is supposed to mean twice a year, although you might think, from looking at him, it's every two years.) He laughed, and said he didn't have time—as usual. Here's James Kirkpatrick running our Twitter account:

More from the Twitter account:

A number of people urged Donald Trump to run—some of them weren't serious, some thought it would be bad for the GOP:

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Nigel Farage:

There's a lot of rioting, but the MSM is calling it "protests", as in "Windows Broken At Protest", "Police Injured In Protest", "Fires Set In Protest"—sounds like rioting to me!

More on Twitter here.

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