Pete Stark To Minuteman:"Who are you going to kill today?"
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Congressman "Pete " Stark is pretty crazy—if it weren't for the fact that he's in a Federal institution known as Congress, he might might be in the other kind of institution, with the men in white coats. When a member of the Minutemen asked him a question, he responded by saying "Who are you going to kill today?" and more remarks of that kind.[Pete Stark Mocks Minuteman over Immigration Stance at Town Hall Meeting - Political Hotsheet - CBS News] A reader writes:
This is probably the most incredible video I have ever seen of a Town Hall meeting gone "bad", with 8 full minutes devoted to a highly diverse, multi-cultural audience attacking CA Congressmen Pete Stark (D-CA) on Fed failures to secure our borders/illegal immigration. Congressman Pete Stark is from Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area. Yes, this is in California!

I urge you to watch the ENTIRE video; the audience (again, highly diverse) is relentless after Pete Stark attacks and belittles the first questioner, who asks why the Federal government is not securing our borders.

WATCH THIS video and let's make it go viral. Frankly, I am sitting here laughing at the cojones grandes these Americans of all races demonstrate as Congressman Pete Stark attempts to marginalize them with "humor" they reject.

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