People Who Throw Stones Shouldn't Live In Glass Houses
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Via the NCPA I see there's an editorial in the Dallas Morning News today, [password required , get it here] titled Throwing Stones: Fox has no room to criticize on immigration, [January 11, 2006]

[I]t does seem disingenuous for Mexico's top leader to throw stones at Washington when his country's treatment of illegal immigrants – mostly Central Americans – was recently condemned by an agency of his own government.

When dealing with illegal immigrants, Mexico employs some of the same methods it has criticized the United States for, such as prison sentences for detainees, according to the findings of Mexico's Human Rights Commission.

Joe Guzzardi mentioned this situation recently, and in a note written in December 2001 we noted the existence of

"the Plan Frontera Sur, Mexico's Southern Border Plan. Perhaps President Fox would provide his friend Jorge Bush with a copy, since a Plan Frontera Sur is what our Presidente chiefly lacks."

It's no surprise that the Mexican government is treating its prisoners badly, it always has. And when the Dallas Morning News goes on to suggest that if President Fox would be nicer to Guatemelans invading his country, on their way to the US, then his pleas "would better resonate," they're wrong.

That would actually make things worse on the Southern Border of the United States, and besides, nothing could make the Mexican Government's support for the ongoing invasion "resonate."

The title the Morning News gave to their editorial is proverbial, my title (above) reverses the proverb for the simple reason that one of the primary activities of illegal border jumpers is throwing stones at American law enforcement officers. They managed to force down a border patrol helicopter in August and the Washington Times reports that

A total of 218 rocking incidents occurred on the San Diego border last year, injuring more than a dozen agents. The rockings have gotten so violent that Border Patrol agents in San Diego now ride in "war wagons," vehicles fitted with custom-made steel screens and bars.

No, Fox's pleas shouldn't "resonate" with anyone.

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