Pence puffing and censorship at
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Congress is coming back into session, unfortunately. And the Republican Establishment is mustering its forces to try and get the Pence Bill passed. This is the camouflaged version of the Senate’s Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration measure, which was originally designed to enable Helen Kreible to avoid paying high wages on her Colorado horse ranch. The hope is to create enough confusion to give the White House enforcers enough cover to wheel and deal with weaker or more venal would- be Pences in the House.

Promptly rallying to the cause is columnist Robert Novak, with a shallow piece of Pence puffery The GOP leadership failure – Monday, September 4 2006 Little more than an effort to panic and flatter the House into capitulating, this posting is nevertheless revealing for two reasons. Novak asserts

Republicans are being lured into a nativist posture that is political fool's gold. George W. Bush, John McCain and Mike Pence dread a Republican descent into nativism.

"Nativism" of course is the term of abuse used by the Republican ruling class for any policy of consciously considering the interests of what is in fact the ethnic base of the party and the nation. Self interest of this type is permissible for Hispanics and others, but not for white Americans. Why does this upset the leadership so much?

The other interesting fact is the discovery by a reader signing himself “Tanabear” that the TownHall site would not let him refer to Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback program, telling him the word wetback was “inappropriate”. (No one had problems posting “nativist”.) subtitles itself "Where your opinion counts". If politically correct, that is.

Invade the World, Invite the World – and no free speech. A great platform for the Fall elections.

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