Paul Weyrich:"Can the movement fall apart? Of course, it can. "
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Paul Weyrich has a column in which he suggests that Pat Buchanan is being too pessimistic about the conservative movement.

(Of course, I remember when Weyrich was winning prizes for pessimism himself.)

But he makes a radical statement about the effect of immigration on the future of the Republican Party:

Can the movement fall apart? Of course, it can. If the Republican Leadership dramatically doesn't change its immigration policy by early next year it could lose control of Congress. If this movement again fails to advocate smaller, less intrusive government it also could fall apart.

While President Bush is not conservative on everything, he is conservative enough to keep the movement from disintegrating unless he insists on an immigration policy opposed by 80% of the people.

ESR | June 6, 2005 | Conservatism: Criteria for consideration

That's fairly strong, and it echoes something that David Frum has been telling Republicans; that there is trouble out there in Americaland, which is where the Bush voters are.

Will the GOP heed Weyrich before "early next year?" Seems unlikely, but the stakes are high, and we've been telling them here on VDARE.COM for nearly five years.

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