Don't Just Sit There: Phone Senator Sessions To Thank Him!
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That's Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL).  Why phone his office (202-224-4124) to register your approval?  Because he's been our Rock of Gibraltar on immigration sanity in the Senate for a decade, so he deserves our applause. 

For example,'s Patrick Cleburne recently wrote that the senator was unintimidated by illegal-alien Latinos who attended his townhall meeting for constituents and that he remained coolly unstampeded by their sob stories (Sessions For President?  Immigration Patriot Faces Down Reconquistas).

The 66-year-old Sessions was first elected to the Senate in 1996, after stints as a private-practice lawyer and as U.S Attorney for Alabama's southern district.  His all-important NumbersUSA career grade for immigration reduction is A+.

Perhaps the most dramatic moment in Senator Sessions's years manning the barricades for us was his Senate-floor announcement on June 28, 2007 that citizens' mass phoning in outrage over that spring's second attempt at comprehensive capitulation to Mexico had crashed the Senate's switchboard.  Hear it now!

I phoned his DC office (at the number above) on Tuesday, February 26, simply to thank the senator for his yeoman service in the cause of national preservation.  I mentioned his firm stand against the hectoring he endured at his recent townhall meeting, adding that I knew he's been our hero on this since at least 2007.  And I emphasized that I was calling from out of state. 

The receptionist was happy to take down my remarks, along with my name and state (Montana).  The call took less less than 30 seconds.

There are two reasons to make such a call yourself:

1. It's important that our true friends in public office — those who actually understand the subject (e.g. aren't gulled by the "path to citizenship" malarkey) and will actually lead the fight for us (not merely vote for us, though that's obviously important) — hear that their efforts and bravery are appreciated.

2. Since it appears that we're facing another fight against national-suicide-by-amnesty this spring, just like in 2007, it's important that every immigration-sanity patriot be ready to do his or her part when the time comes by making numerous and firmly-stated phone calls to congressional offices.  But Roy Beck has told me that only a small fraction of NumbersUSA's faxing legions have ever actually made such calls, despite the urgings in alerts from Numbers.

Well, calling Senator Sessions's office to thank him for his labors is an easy way for those of you who are bashful with public officials (and their staffs) to get a little warm-up practice for the death match that's approaching.  This is, after all, a friendly call.  Plus you don't need to have a lot of specific information at hand about bills, arguments pro and con, voting records, etc. 

So .. go to it!  Please.  You can figure that the senator's Washington office (202-224-4124) will answer calls between about 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

If, on the other hand, you actually want to get into substance with someone on Senator Sessions's staff, you'd be best advised to phone one of his district offices, as the pace is usually slower there:

Montgomery — 334-244-7017

Birmingham — 205-731-1500

Mobile — 251-414-3083

Huntsville — 256-533-0979

Dothan — 334-792-4924

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