Paul Giamatti in "Win Win"
March 23, 2011, 09:15 PM
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From my review in Taki's Magazine:
Win Win affords Giamatti the kind of flustered everyman role that has made him an unlikely star. But what's most interesting about Giamatti is how much high-class breeding it apparently takes these days to portray run-of-the-mill schlubs.

I can't help comparing the 43-year-old Giamatti with another pudgy Italian-American actor from Connecticut who specialized in playing Average Joes, Ernest Borgnine (now 94). Borgnine and Giamatti epitomize the evolution of social class over the last half century.

I discovered something hilariously incongruous about the real Giamatti versus the kind of characters he plays. What legendary organization did Giamatti join back in the 1980s?

Read the whole thing there.