Paul Craig Roberts Sets The Lynching In Its Frightening Context
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Our old friend Paul Craig Roberts has heartened us by rising to our defense.

I think Craig is arguably the most powerful conceptual thinker active on the Right today  He was central to the Supply Side Revolution starting in the late ‘70s and saw the dangers of prosecutorial abuse before most others (including me).

His article How Private Interests Seized Control of America,, April 1, 2024  characteristically puts our lynching in its broad context.

He writes that there is a distinction between

…social power and state power. Social power is when people have power. Then you have government. State power is when the state has power. Then you have tyranny. This situation is one in which government becomes privatized by powerful interests, including government agencies, to serve their agendas and is transformed into an unaccountable state.

Originally, state power grew by handing out special favors to support the interests of those who gained control of the state. Today the situation has greatly worsened. The state is used to suppress those who object to the special interest agendas.

VDARE comes to his mind:

Websites, such as, that point out the adverse consequences of the state turning a nation into a tower of babel are being suppressed by the state.

…Apparently, has had enough impact to arouse the state’s suppression of The same corrupt NY “justice system” arrayed against President Trump has been deployed against The state has now leaned on banks to refuse to process credit card donations to the website. The purpose is to deprive of revenues and to force the website to close down.

(We have heard from several sources that a number of banks have refused to handle our credit card business, including three approached by Gab Pay. The likely culprit is likely some element of the Federal bank regulators.)

Craig has grasped the problem:

What libertarians who place hope in the freedom of expression in alternative media do not understand is that every alternative website can be closed down in the same way.

He asks:

Where is accountability when free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution can be shut down by banks under pressure from the state?


When it became clear that Letitia James’ metastasizing subpoenas had no purpose other than bankrupting the VDARE Foundation, we asked a Federal judge the same question about prosecutor abuse.

 The result was disappointing: LAWFARE CRISIS INTENSIFIES—Federal Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Dodges Protecting Our (And Our Writers’) 1A Rights From “Hyperpoliticized” NYAG Letitia James.

Craig in his piece kindly links to one of our donate pages. (E-checks: click on contribute bar.) This had not been updated to include our new GiveSendGO capability. We remain deprived of Credit Card capacity.

Thanks, Craig. A friend in need…

View Paul Craig Robert’s alarmingly prescient archive here.

The most recent full discussion of VDARE’s plight remains: “IT IS FINISHED”—NYAG Letitia James Crucifies by editor Peter Brimelow.


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