Patriotic Swedish Party makes Election Breakthrough
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In a tremendous breakthrough, the immigration-restrictionist Sweden Democrat party won entry for the first time to the Swedish Parliament in the country’s election today, by gaining over 4% of the vote. In fact, they appear to have won 5.8% and hold the balance of power.

Hung Swedish parliament - far-right kingmaker The Swedish Wire September 19 2010

According to a tally of 98 percent of electoral districts, 173 seats in the 349-seat parliament would go to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's governing alliance, 156 would go to the leftwing opposition, and 20 seats would go to the Sweden Democrats.

This is a huge achievement. Far from being a haven of tolerance and moderation, as the MSM likes to suggest, Swedish civil society is an ugly monolith of Political Correctness, shored up by harsh restrictions on Free Speech. The Sweden Democrats had their meetings shut down and their website wrecked. They were shut out of the election debates and the Swedish media avoided them.

However, Sweden also has a disastrous colonization by abrasive Muslims in full swing, with all the pleasures that entails.

The sensible — and democratic - response would be for the Reinfeldt ”conservative” alliance to negotiate immigration policy reform with the Sweden Democrats. This is what has happened in Norway and Denmark.

Given the Establishment hysteria in Sweden this evening, however, more election cycles may be needed

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