Patriotic May Day Demonstration In New York
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From American Rattlesnake:

Stand Up For America (In New York!)

April 23, 2011
By G. Perry

Update: The starting time has been moved back to 2 PM. Be sure to adjust your calendars accordingly.

May Day is upon us, and this year we can once again look forward to the spectacle of thousands of people who were not invited here, don’t belong here, and certainly contribute nothing of value to our society, demanding their ”rights.” And by ”rights,” I mean wealth extracted from taxpaying, American citizens and transferred to a resentful, greedy consortium of Marxists and officially sanctioned ethnic grievance organizations.

The good news is that this year, unlike in the past, New York Ice will be able to combat the gaseous Zapatistas, the Salvadorian Communists, the Mexican death cultists, and stupid-looking hipsters with a Guevara fetish. With what?  A MEGAPHONE! Yes, after many months of stonewalling, the NYPD has deigned to grant us a sound permit, which means our voices will be heard loud and clear by the throngs assembled in Union Square.

I highly suggest you come down and make yours heard. Here are the specs:

WHAT: NY ICE’s annual counter protest of the illegals’ demand for amnesty on May 1st

WHEN:  May 1st, 2011 (a SUNDAY) at 2pm

WHERE: 14th Street and Union Square East in Manhattan, in front of Phillips Ambulatory Care Center (which is part of Beth Israel)

BRING: Sound amplifiers, including megaphones if you have them!  Bring signs that are simple and in BLOCK letters, which are easy to read from afar.  ”NO AMNESTY” is a good standby, for example.  Bring prepared sound bites for the Press.  And, they will try, as usual, to mislabel us as ”racists”, and we know that ”illegal is NOT a race”.

NOTE: Without us counter protesting, the ONLY visible opinion is the other side’s, and that is the only side the Press can possibly report on and the public can see.

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