PATRIOT-NEWS Knocks Out Comments on the Obvious Racial Motives Behind "Knockout Game" Attacks On Whites
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The "knockout game" is gaining notoriety, with a few brave journalists willing to acknowledge that it's often blacks knocking out whites.(See Surprise! Media finally wake up to Knockout Game, by Colin Flaherty on WND.)

The Patriot-News, a newspaper in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is also taking a brave stance: they're bravely announcing censorship of anyone who comments on the racial element.

Censor Chris Mautner says:

OK folks, this is getting out of hand. Unless you have some magical evidence to suggest that the victims are being targeted (i.e. you personally know the perpetrators), you are indulging in racial fear-mongering. I don't see anything in John's story or any other stories I've read to suggest these attacks are racially motivated. I'm clamping down on the comments in this thread. Any comments about black on white crime, etc. will be deleted.

That's from the comment thread of Terrifying phenomenon of pedestrian 'knockout' punching attacks spreads: What would you do? (with video)By John Luciew [Email him] on November 20, 2013

Either Chris Mautner [Email him] has access to a different Internet than the one I've got, or he's a typical liberal MSMster who refuses to believe that whites can ever be the victim of anything.

"Any comments about black on white crime, etc. will be deleted."

Really? Is he suggesting it doesn't happen? Shouldn't he be the one to provide "magical evidence" of that?

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