Patriot N.Y. State Rep. Nicole Malliotakis Strikes Again. Will State GOP Shut Her Down?
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Yesterday I posted NYC Migrant Voter Fraud Revealed. Again, The Democrats Intend To Steal 2024. This dealt with the discovery and publicizing by N.Y. State Representative Nicole Malliotakis of the ominous news that NYC is apparently distributing voter registration forms to the immivaders housed in their shelters.

As carefully explained in Joseph Freid’s definitive book Debunked?: An auditor reviews the 2020 election―and the lessons learned, promiscuous distribution of these documents inevitably facilitates fraud, regardless of the response of the individuals for which they are intended. (TL;DR version here.)

Now I see that this patriotic lady struck another blow for America on her Twitter/X feed yesterday:

Nicole Malliotakis is clearly worth following.

However, on reflection the Mayorkas impeachment fiasco (Massive NUMBERSUSA Ratings Failure On Mayorkas Impeachment Vote. Why?) clearly shows that the GOP House leadership absolutely does not want to showcase Biden’s implementation of the Democrats’ No Borders policy.

Doubtless the N.Y. GOP is equally donor-driven.

Nicole Malliotakis has probably already received a call telling her to cool it.


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