December 26, 2007, 06:39 PM
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Michael of 2Blowhards writes:

I`ve derived more knowledge, information, provocation, and entertainment from reading Steve in recent years than I have from looking at the NYTimes and The New Yorker combined. Let`s keep Steve hard at work.

So, to be able to keep writing, I`m appealing to you once again to be generous.

There are four ways to give me money.

First, if you`ve been thinking, gee, I`ve had too much income in 2007 for tax purposes, do I have a deal for you! You can make credit card contributions here (click on the first "Make a Donation" button you come to on the screen); or fax credit card details here (please put my name on the fax); or you can snail mail checks made out to "VDARE Foundation" and marked on the memo line (lower left corner) �Steve Sailer� to:

VDARE Foundation P.O. Box 1195 Washington, CT 06793

Second: You can send me an email and I`ll send you my P.O. Box address.

Third: You can use Amazon. Just click here. The limit on the amount in a single donation via Amazon, for some reason, is $50.

Fourth: You can use Paypal, either by just using any credit card or if you have a specific Paypal account. Just click here and got to the Paypal link on my own site, fill in your credit card info on the left (scroll down to bottom left-center to go on) or your Paypal ID on the right. It works fine with the mainstream MS Internet Explorer browser.

Unfortunately, I can`t figure out how to get the link to Paypal working with the Firefox browser. If you know, please email me.