Palestinian Candidate For Governor Of Texas Says Whites Don't Want To Work In Factories
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Farouk Shami is a candidate for governor of Texas. He's from Ramallah, originally, rather than, say Palestine, Texas. His Wikipedia entry says that "His company, the Houston-based Farouk Systems, currently employs 2,000 Americans...", but that's Wikipedia for you. It should say that he employs 2000 people in America, but he hires as few Americans as possible, because they don't want to work for what he's paying them.

While the story below says that "race became an issue" in the campaign with his anti-white remarks, the story doesn't mention that he's a Palestinian-American immigrant, and when they talk about 9/11, they don't mention that he's an Arab, or whether he's a Muslim.

Democratic candidate for governor: 'Whites don't want to work in factories'


Posted on February 12, 2010 at 4:48 PM

Updated yesterday at 4:53 PM Race became an issue in the Democratic primary for governor today.

Farouk Shami, the millionaire hair care products maker who's running, said he doesn't find many white people willing to work, so he says he hires Hispanics and blacks instead.

He made the comments responding to a question about whether the state should crack down on employers hiring illegal immigrants.

He also said he, too, would not disavow the conspiracy theory that the U.S. government was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.[More]

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