Pakistani Girl Is Raped and Buried Alive
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Pakistan is a bad place to be born female because of the brutal misogyny deeply embedded in Islam and the tribal culture. A 13-year-old recently had to dig herself out of a muddy grave after being raped and buried alive by two men as she walked to her Koran class.

Another teenager, Malala Yousafzai, has recently gotten attention for her recent book describing her struggle for girls’ education there, which got her shot in the head by the Taliban.

Child rape is a particular problem in Pakistan because men believe sex with a little girl will cure AIDS.

Why does America continue to admit Muslim immigrants from Pakistan? Not every one is a bloodthirsty wife-beheader like Muzzammil Hassan, but why import such a barbaric culture in the name of diversity when there are many civilized people who would like to resettle here?

The 2010 Census counted 363,699 Pakistanis occupying US space, although their embassy puts the number at over 700,000.

Below, a street in the Little Pakistan neighborhood of Brooklyn has no women in evidence. New York City is the residence of more than 41,000 Pakistanis.

But back to the Pakistan child-rape story:

Teenage girl in Pakistan digs herself out of muddy grave after being raped and then buried alive, Australian News, October 29, 2013

A 13-year-old girl has dug herself out of a muddy grave after being raped by two men who then buried her alive in Pakistan.

The teen was abducted from her local village in the Punjab province while she was walking to Koran lessons.

Her father Siddique Mughal told police his daughter had been taken, but they refused to cooperate, Outlook India reported.

The men took the young girl to an isolated place and raped her and then buried her alive as they believed she died during the brutal attack.

But the girl managed to dig her way out the muddy grave and caught the attention of passers-by who helped her to a local medical centre.

After local police refused to investigate, the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’s Complaint Cell formally directed them to arrest the girl’s attackers and complete a report on the incident without delay.

A sessions judge for the local Toba Tek Singh region has also been asked to look into the matter.

Child rape remains a problem in Pakistan where local activist group Sahil said cultural myths persist such as HIV positive men believing they can be cured through sex with a virgin.

Statistic show cases of child rape have risen from 668 in 2002 to 2,788 last year, according to the International Business Times.

“We still think these statistics are just a fraction of what’s going on,” Sanihl’s executive director Manizeh Bano told the International Business Times.

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