PA Officials: All Races On Earth Equally Likely to Carry Coronavirus
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You could have set your watch by this one.

Pennsylvania officials are very helpfully telling residents of the Commonwealth that it would be racist to assume that Chinese people are any more likely to carry the coronavirus than Guatemalans or Norwegians.

"Too often, national security and public health crises have led to the demonization of particular groups of people, and we are committed to ensuring that that does not happen here," said Mohan Seshadri,[right] an adviser to (Governor Tom) Wolf.[ Don’t demonize Asians over coronavirus fears: Pa. officials, by David Wenner,, February 2, 2020]

Of course, from a leftist perspective, the White Man's carrying of diseases to the New World was an undeniable angle of genocide.  You might ask Mohan if he thinks it's OK to demonize them.

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