Outsourcing New York City Schools
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I reported in August that the New York school system was replacing its computer/IT department with over-priced H-1B visa holders, ostensibly to cut labor costs. These "consultants" bill New York at the rate of $250,000 a year so it's not clear how the schools save money

Since the last report, things haven't gotten any better. Now that the computer/IT department has been gutted, hundreds of low-paid school aides are scheduled for job termination so that a few more expensive "consultants" can be hired. The "consultants" work for a company called "Future Technology Associates" (FTA), which seems to be nothing more than a post office box in Florida and a few H-1Bs

Most of the school aides who will lose their jobs are part timers who perform functions like hallway and cafeteria duty, transporting sick children, and filling out paperwork for the school lunch program. They will be put on the sacrificial altar even though they are paid an average of $17,500 a year

To read more about this story, read my previous commentary here: Outsourcing: New York Schools Hired ”Future Technology Associates, on VDARE.com or the same thing in my own archive here.

The VDARE.com version should be your first choice to read although the newsletter might have links to a few more of the older stories

This is just another sad example illustrating how citizens who choose to be apathetic and/or ignorant encourage those who want to destroy American jobs. I contend that this sordid example of bid rigging and cronyism could have been thwarted if enough people in New York would have raised bloody hell about what was going on. Instead it seems that the citizens of that state chose to allow Chancellor Joel Klein [email him] to continue his misdeeds

It's interesting to note that the New York Times has chosen to ignore this story but fortunately The New York Daily News has been covering the shenanigans of Joel Klein for well over a year. Without the investigative reporting of the New York Daily News we would have never known what is taking place: See Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to lay off low-paid school aides, add high-priced consultants, By Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News, September 16th 2009.

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