Out of Work? Many Americans Are Trying Unique Gambits, As Our Government Pushes for More Aliens
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Since last fall, our nation has lost millions of jobs. If anyone thinks the job situation isn't critical, they might want to consider what Career Builder, the giant online place where people can go to look for job, has discovered. Its online career site, CareerBuilder.com, is the largest in the U.S. with more than 23 million unique visitors, 1 million jobs and 31 million resumes. Here are some of the "unconventional tactics job seekers have used" it reports to get potential employer attention.

"The search for employment is taking longer and is more competitive than it has been in past years," said Jason Ferrara, senior career adviser at CareerBuilder. "To compensate, some candidates have turned to extreme tactics. While unusual job search antics may attract the attention of hiring managers, they need to be done with care and professionalism so that candidates are remembered for the right reasons." Some of the most memorable tactics identified by hiring managers include:
  • Candidate sent a shoe with a resume to "get my foot in the door."
  • Candidate staged a sit-in in the lobby to get a meeting with a director.
  • Candidate washed cars in the parking lot.
  • Candidate sent a resume wrapped as a present and said his skills were a "gift to the company."
  • Candidate handed out resumes at stoplights.
  • Candidate sent a cake designed as a business card with the candidate's picture.
  • Candidate went to the same barber as the Chairman of the Board and had the barber speak on his behalf.
  • Candidate handed out personalized coffee cups.
  • Candidate came dressed in a bunny suit because it was near Easter.
  • Candidate told the receptionist he had an interview with the manager. When he met the manager, he confessed that he was driving by and decided to stop in on a chance.
[Employers Share the Most Unconventional Tactics Job Seekers Have Used to Get Their Attention in New CareerBuilder Survey]

When you stop laughing, think about this. The US is importing LEGALLY over 100,000 aliens on various work visas EVERY MONTH. There are at least 20 million illegal aliens in the US and at every turn it seems the Congress and the Obama Administration are talking about importing more, as they seek to ram another amnesty dubbed "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" down the throats of American citizens like those innovative, desperate ones above and many more of us who are underemployed or who have stopped looking because of the surfeit of alien labor and the real and urgent prospect that more will be authorized. Well, if you are among the unemployed, Career Builder may be for you.

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