Orthodox Church Joins Pope Francis's Effort To Destroy Europe Through "Virtue Tourism"
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Pope Francis is doing his best to emulate the crazed anti-European pontifex from The Camp of the SaintsAnd now it appears His Holiness's anti-crusade against Europe has been joined by the Orthodox Church.

The leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox churches are heading to a Greek island to voice solidarity with those who have streamed in fleeing war, poverty and persecution.

Saturday's high-powered visit to Lesbos by Pope Francis; Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians; and Athens Archbishop Ieronymos, the head of the Church of Greece, could embarrass EU leaders already under fire from human-rights groups...

On Wednesday, Francis said he and the Orthodox leaders intended "to express closeness and solidarity both to the refugees and to the Lesbos citizens and all the Greek people who are so generous in welcoming [refugees]."

All three have been outspoken on the migrant issue, and the Church of Greece has mounted an aid effort for those flowing through Greece as well as caring for Greeks impoverished by their country's financial crisis.

[Together, church leaders to visit migrantsby Elena Becatoros and Nicole Winfield, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, April 15, 2016]

Lesbos used to be hub for tourism and a vacation destination. It has been completely overwhelmed (some would say destroyed) by the never-ending flood of refugees from the Muslim world [UN Warns Greek Islands of Kos, Lesbos Overwhelmed by Migrantsby Frances Martel, Breitbart, June 10, 2015]. Needless to say, the Greek Orthodox leaders don't think God cares about the Greek people who actually live there, just the Muslim "migrants" who enjoy rioting and destroying what is now essentially conquered territory.


A number of celebrities have been visiting the island, including Susan Sarandon, Ai Weiwei, and Saul Berenson [Lesbos Island: From Tourist Spot To Migrant and VIP Hotspot, AFP, April 14, 2016]. One could argue Lesbos is now home to a new form of tourism, "Virtue Tourism," where people who have no stake in the community fly in, take pictures, preen about how virtuous and great they are, and then fly home.

However much they may cloak it in spirituality, the actions of these Christian leaders is no different than some Hollywood degenerate doing the same thing. They are ultimately enabling more suffering, both of native Europeans and the "refugees" being dumped in a country which can't even provide for its own people, let alone the entire Third World.

But what do they care? Like some ditzy actress, Francis and his new friends can fly home to their own ample accommodations. They don't have to live with the consequences of what they are helping to unleash.

Of course, in the long run, their actions will lead to Europe itself becoming just another part of the Muslim world. When one sees how these shepherds display such open contempt for their Christian flock, one can't help but think Nietzsche had a point.

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