Open Borders Radical Nominated to head Federal Reserve
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From the Christian Science Monitor:

"As the nominee to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke will face, quite literally, a world of economic challenges."[Greenspan's heir apparent, October 25, 2005 ]

Now Bernanke as it turns out has resisted even the modest restrictions on immigration in place since 9/11:

"I think a very important part of the productivity gains in the past decade were associated with our open immigration policy," he said. "If we don't allow, if we don't make provision for bright people, whether they be graduate students or professional people to come... that's a loss to our society and a loss to our potential productivity."

See also here:

all four of my grandparents [emphasis added] were foreign-born, coming from Europe to the United States either just before or directly after the First World War last year a period, incidentally, that represented a high-water mark of immigration to the United States.”


Bernanke's feelings about immigration haven't been much mentioned outside, but check this out:

Since he was sworn in on June 21, Bernanke has testified once before congress and given five speeches on three noncontroversial subjects. He nonetheless has stayed busy, providing research on such topics as Bush’s policies on immigration and trade.Federal Reserve hopeful keeps head down, By Brendan Murray and Craig Torres, October 18, 2005

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