Open Borders Enthusiast Obama Flunking Border/Ebola Crisis
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After simply faking competence for so long, President Obama and his Administration are finally facing a real test with the Ebola crisis. Thus far, the results are not encouraging.

When Matt Lauer interviewed Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell on the Today show on October 15, the dear woman looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

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Her statements were so obviously scripted and rehearsed they could have been written by an intern – and it was painfully evident she had no real answers. [HHS chief: ‘We could have done much better’ on Ebola, TheHill, October 15, 2014]

What, after all, are we paying all these taxes for? Not only does the federal government not enforce our immigration laws, it can’t even be trusted not to deliberately import a problem. Why is it so absurd to insist that our government simply not allow in those who do not have authorization to be here?

Of course, we know the answer.

If you are part of that 1% which owns 40% of America’s liquid wealth, you simply buy what you want from your elected representatives. And if they want to stay in office, they better do your bidding.

If a religious group wants to import more parishioners in violation of the law–you better do what they say if you want the group’s support on Election Day.

And if a particularly tribal minority wants more members of its ethnicity in the country, you better do what they say, lest you be called a racist.

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