One Puerto Rican Politican Calls Another A "Monito"— Al Sharpton May Have to Intervene
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Lornna Soto At the Democratic National Convention, one Puerto Rican politician is accused of having called another a "monito" (little monkey). It's sparked a firestorm, so Al Sharpton may have to intervene.

Lornna Soto is a  Senator in the Senate of Puerto Rico.   She's pictured left. (Source here. )The individual she called a "monito" is Rafael Cox Alomar, candidate for Resident Commissioner, Puerto Rico's non-voting representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Alomar is pictured below right. (Source here.)

Rafael Cox Alomar

The Democratic National Committee has thus far stayed out of it. In contrast, the Republican National Committee kicked two people out of their convention for calling a black camerawoman an "animal".

That sounds typical. The GOP polices itself against Republicans accused, rightly or wrongly, of offenses against Political Correctness. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, generally stands by its people regardless of what they say or do.

But have no fear, Sharpton may be getting involved....

A Puerto Rican politician today said that a senator engaged in “low politics” when she called him a “monkey.”

“That’s what people do when they have no choice and when they can not combat your ideas,” Resident Commissioner Candidate Rafael Cox Alomar said. “I think that both the people here in Puerto Rico, as the people did in the U.S. did in 2008, here in Puerto Rico, are going repudiate that type of low politics.”

[I never noticed that "low politics" went out of style in the U.S. so I guess the candidate is talking about Obama's election.Alomar was called a “monkey” by Senator Lornna Soto during the Democratic National Convention last week. He said if there is an apology it should be for all to hear. “The apology should not be directed to me, it should be directed to the people of Puerto Rico,” he told Redding News Review.Leading Democrat Rev. Al Sharpton, who was asked about the slur during his radio show, told a caller that he would have an answer about what he would do on Friday.What’s more, the Democratic National Committee has remained silent about the remark. In contrast, the Republican National Committee took quick action issuing a statement and removed two attendees for calling a black camerawoman an “animal” during its convention.

Alomar: Soto’s ‘Monkey’ Slur Was ‘Low Politics’ CBS, Sept 13th, 2012

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