One Old Vet: Thumbs Down On Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez as VP Choices
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No one works harder for the Patriotic Immigration cause than the blogger One Old Vet, who frequently posts well over a dozen immivasion outrage stories a day to his indispensible news agglomeration site. I doubt if less than a full office work day goes into reviewing potential posts. The stress on his digestion must be horrific.

By standards, OOV is pretty herbivorious, taking no part in the broader racial controversies which lurk in the Immigration issue. As a rule, he keeps his own views very much in the background.

But the GOP Hispandering epidemic has driven OOV’s blood above boiling point, producing this excellent editorial:

Is Marco Rubio a Political ‘Trojan Horse’ Meant to Finish Off the GOP & the Conservative Movement?

It’s no secret that this Old Vet is a one-trick pony when it comes to political issues. My focus has been on ILLEGAL immigration. Yes, I care about other things but I have focused what’s left of my time on earth, money and energy on the ILLEGAL immigration issue and American Sovereignty.

Like many other conservatives I was an early supporter of Marco Rubio. As an up and coming rising star in the GOP, I liked his position on ILLEGAL immigration.

However, since his arrival on the national political stage and particularly since talk of his possible selection as Romney’s VP choice he is beginning to back pedal on his previously articulated opposition to amnesty for ILLEGAL aliens.

His ‘DREAM’ act is just another amnesty proposal, If it wasn’t an amnesty do you think that the congressional Hispanic supremacist Luis Guttierez (IL-D) would publically declare his support for it? LINK

Another possible ‘double-agent/Trojan Horse to watch is Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Like Rubio, she too espoused a hard line when it came to ILLEGAL immigration. Now she engages in the same Hispandering political rhetoric we see so often among the pro-Obama ultra-lefties…

(One Old Vet is referring here to a story he posted last Thursday:
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez Assails Romney’s Immigration Views By Elizabeth Llorente Fox News Latino May 15, 2012

OOV’s eminently sensible comment on this:

Like Rubio, Another GOP ‘Rising Star’, and Possible Romney VP Choice, NM Gov. Susana Martinez, Abandons the ‘Rule of Law’ for Loyalty to Race & Ethnicity and Amnesty

This editorial concludes:

Stay Vigilant patriots, Stay Vigilant ~ could not say it better.

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