One Old Vet's Amnesty Collections: Thursday 15, Friday 19, Saturday 21 - And Redemption For Drudge!!(?)
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L Graham

H/T One Old Vet

I allowed my attention to be distracted by the atrocity that was CPAC and consequently have fallen way behind covering the incredible industriousness of One Old Vet. On Thursday a compendium of 15 Amnesty items was posted, on Friday 19, and on Saturday 21.

In addition, a considerable number of important items were posted individually and sometimes illustrated – supplying the top and bottom of this blog.

Firm statements of Amnesty opposition continue to be almost completely banned from the MSMOOV’s Friday discovery of Professor Ting’s Waxahachie TX essay is practically unique.

Most of the news flow of course is MSM cheerleading for Amnesty, but I do detect a shift. There has been an increase in arrogant and selfish assertions by various components of the Slave Power that they are should be entitled to import lots more cheap labor. A characteristic specimen from Friday’s collection is Nursing homes want guest worker program in immigration bill By Sam Baker The Hill 03/13/13

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) said immigration reform should recognize the needs of employers — including nursing homes and long-term care providers, who rely heavily on immigrants for positions such as nurses.

 Any visa program must give employers, not the government, the primary say in which workers they need to staff their businesses... "In addition, the labor market should also have the primary say in how many workers enter the country annually in a legal program."

(My emphasis)

Note that this for-profit industry is directly saying that wage increases for nurses should be prevented by flooding their market with immigrants.

I infer that the dispute in Congress now is between the Democrats representing the legacy Hispanic influx and the Slave power’s GOP servants trying to get their owners some ability to select the coming immivasion.

A cheering note was struck in Rubio dodges immigration controversy at CPAC by Neil Munro The Daily Caller 3/15/2013

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio won loud applause for his speech at the first day of the CPAC meeting, but he carefully avoided mentioning his controversial effort to rewrite the nation’s immigration law .

“I do think it is interesting, and telling, that he didn’t mention immigration ,” said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA…

…the speech’s contents “completely conflicts with his [immigration] plans,” said Jenks.

“You can’t grow the middle class when you’re flooding the low-skill labor market and keeping workers impoverished,” she told The Daily Caller. “The only thing that grows is big business profits and the entitlement system.”

Rubio was clearly afraid.

Having committed the Trump atrocity on Friday the Drudge Report went a considerable way to redeeming itself by promptly posting under the headline Coulter rips Rubio, 'endless Bushes' on immigration... a link to the Politico story of the same title by Kevin Robillard 3/16/13. Impressively, this item about Ann Coulter’s wonderful speech is still up after 22 hours.

A survey of the MSM today reveals that this dramatic Prime Time dissent by arguably the most influential independent conservative commentator from the GOP Establishment line has been almost totally repressed.

H/T One Old Vet

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