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There’s so much material these days, that I probably won’t get around to writing full posts on these ideas, so … here they are!

  • The next social justice struggle will be to win full rights of return and warranty service for all retail goods looted within 168 hours of a black criminal being killed by the police.
  • The growing struggle between gay men and transgender ex-men appears to be largely pitting artists vs. autists.
  • Would Derek Chauvin and the other three Minneapolis police officers who had so much trouble subduing 223-pound George Floyd have weighed enough to be cops in 1965?
  • These days, in the Fight Against White, a “white supremacist” appears to be defined as anybody who is not a white submissionist.
  • When Joe Biden says that America is “backsliding into the days of Jim Crow when black people had to count jelly beans to get the vote,” what he is saying is that, statistically, blacks are less competent than whites, so secure voting systems tend to have disparate impact on blacks, but that’s not racist because lax voting procedures are good for the Democrats.

Okay, that last one’s less of a one-liner than a run-on sentence.

By the way, aren’t most one-liners really two-liners with a set-up and a punchline? For example:

Take my wife.


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