One Immigrant Group Still Respects Might Of U.S. Government—the Marshall Islanders
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From that NYT article about immigrants from the Marshall Islands in Arkansas:
The [Marshall] islands and the United States have been intertwined since World War II. The United States has detonated at least 67 nuclear bombs in its 750,000-square-mile territory. The radioactive fallout rendered some islands uninhabitable. ... 
A few days later, Ms. Laelan was out working on another cause: persuading [Arkansas] state officials to offer a Marshallese-language driver’s test. Few can pass the English test, but many must drive to work or to the doctor’s office. As a court translator, she sees Marshallese incur fines and jail time. Some lose their jobs. 
Ms. Laelan and lawyers from Legal Aid of Arkansas have petitioned the State Police, which administers the test, and are considering filing complaints with the federal Transportation Department. “We tried asking nicely, and that didn’t work,” said Casey Bryant, a Legal Aid lawyer said. “The lack of language access can be seen as a violation of the Civil Rights Act.” 
The Marshallese around the table in the Legal Aid office were silent and seemed worried about the idea of taking on the United States government.
I would imagine that 67 nuclear detonations could induce caution.
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