Once Again, Let's Encourage Sheriff Arpaio With Postcards From All Over!
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Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix and surroundings) has been a prominent target in recent months of the Obama administration's monkeywrenching of immigration enforcement.  An example news story, from December 24, is here; VDARE.com writer/blogger Federale discusses "the campaign of lies" about Sheriff Joe here

So, once again (as with a couple of times in 2009), I'm suggesting that VDARE.com readers from all over send Sheriff Arpaio postcards — specifically, picture postcards, displaying your part of the country — conveying your thanks and moral support. 

Why postcards?  They don't require opening envelopes and, unlike emails, they force the writer to be brief, presumably a benefit since I've heard that Mr. Arpaio reads all his mail. Plus, postcards are something tangible and non-astroturf-y that — if he receives enough of them — the good sheriff can wave at reporters (also unlike emails).

I further urge that you [legibly!] sign your postcard with just your name, city, and state — omitting the street address makes it clear that you're not expecting a reply, further reducing the burden associated with your gesture of goodwill. (Perhaps including your email address on the postcard is a good compromise, but I didn't do so on mine.)

Here are the 49 words I squeezed into the message panel of a card whose picture side is an aerial view of the Yellowstone River flowing north from Yellowstone National Park through Montana's Paradise Valley (one valley east from the Gallatin Valley, where I live) that I mailed on Wednesday, January 18, 2012:

Dear Sheriff Arpaio,

I'm sure I speak for legions of citizens across our country who are very grateful for your refusal to be intimidated by Obama's criminal regime and by your continuing devotion to enforcement of the law against illegal aliens.

To your good health!

Paul Nachman

Bozeman, Montana 

My closing line wishing the sheriff good health isn't merely convivial bolierplate: According to his Wikipedia entry, Arpaio turns 80 this coming June 14.

Send your postcard to:

Sheriff Arpaio

100 W. Washington

Suite 1900

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Cost of a postcard stamp rises to 32 cents (up from 29 cents) on Monday, January 22.  Jumbo postcards need the same postage as a letter, 45 cents after the increase (up from 44 cents).

It would be worthwhile to learn how many VDARE readers follow my suggestion here.  Will it be half a dozen?  75?  550?  So if you do send Sheriff Arpaio a card, you might then follow up with an email to me [[email protected]] letting me know you've done so, perhaps including the gist of what you expressed in your message.

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