On MLK Day, According To Ben Stein, There’s More Work To Be Done!
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Ben Stein’s is a relatively sound conservative voice, but given that it’s Martin Luther King Day, there went Stein’s usual level-headedness.

To sum up his piece, Stein doesn’t, apparently, think it much mattered that Communists infiltrated King’s movement, or indeed that Communists ran the thing, or that King himself was a rabid Marxist and communist sympathizer. Whites were bad when Stein was growing up, and that’s all that matters:

We celebrate this weekend the triumph of a genuinely great man, Martin Luther King, Junior, who did huge amounts to lift blacks out of the dust. He and his colleagues, many of them ultra-left wingers, some Communists, worked to make the lives of black people bearable.[Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, American Spectator, January 18, 2015]

And what paean to the mighty King would be complete without this boilerplate: “[T]hank God for Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank God for America, the most blessed place on this earth but there is still a lot of work to do.”

Just what “work” would that be, and will it ever be done?

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