On Independence Day, Joe Says "Thanks" To All Our Readers
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In 1917, patriotism in the U.S. was at a fever pitch. World War I had spread across Europe and Americans harbored deep concern about their future.

Too few in the United States speak of patriotism any more. That’s why on Independence Day I recommend you look at the living photographs taken during before and after the war by Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas.

In one of their photos, titled ”The Human U.S. Shield” 30,000 soldiers assembled at Camp Custer in Battle Creek, Michigan. The photo symbolized the strength and security of our national borders. See it here.

Other Mole and Thomas pictures, all using humans to form their subjects, include the Liberty Bell, the American flag, an American eagle. See them here.

To VDARE.COM’s readers, I wish you a safe and happy Independence Day. We have had a wonderful year on the immigration reform battlefield. More and greater triumphs await us. Sincerest thanks to all of you for making our successes possible.

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