Of Course House Republicans Are "Cool on Citizenship Path"—They're Protecting THEIR OWN Jobs
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A reader noted this story:

House Republicans Cool on Citizenship Path

By Sara Murray

February 5, 2013

House Republicans took a skeptical view Tuesday of opening a path to citizenship to people now in the country illegally, pointing to a fundamental disagreement with a bipartisan effort in the Senate to change immigration laws.[More]

Of course House Republicans are "cool on" a plan to make illegals Democratic voters. They're preserving their own jobs, and to hell with yours.

Here's what I said about an earlier visa plan:

However, there’s one group whose jobs are safe from skilled immigrants: Republican legislators! That’s because holders of these visas won’t be able to vote for years. (Of course, holders of Gingrich’s “Red Card” It’s-not-an-amnesty-because-there’s-no-path-to-citizenship visa will never be allowed to vote).

So the legislators are safe, temporarily, from the “Electing a New People” implications of all this immigration.

What they’re not safe from after this betrayal is the wrath of their constituents, the American voters who sent them to Washington, and who, as we saw in 2006, can recall them from Washington just as easily.

Republican Legislators And The US Chamber Of Commerce Collude On Increasing Legal Immigration During Great Recession

Our reader noted some good comments:

    Thomas Boucher Replied:

The Dems have lost the White Vote. I like the GOP's position better.

    Michael Kaiser Wrote:

"One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would
not be punished for the mistakes of their parents,'' Mr. Cantor said.

I guess that is one way of framing it. How about this: There are no
"founding principles," or American principles of any kind, that state that
children should gain from the illegal actions of their parents.

    Thomas Boucher Replied:

Why should children of US citizens be punished for the failure of their
parents to secure the border?

That last one brings back a memory of something Rudyard Kipling put as an epitaph to the dead in the Great War:

If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied.

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