"Obsessed" With Race
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The Discriminations blog, which discusses modern-day discrimination, AKA affirmative action, AKA preferences, points to a statement by a black journalist accusing Rush Limbaugh of being "obsessed" with race:
Earl Ofari Hutchinson, the black political columnist last encountered here who writes almost exclusively about race issues and thus glass-house dweller, throws a rock at Rush Limbaugh because of his alleged "obsession" with race.

He just can't seem to stay away from it. In between his ritual tirade against liberals, the drive by media, Democrats, feminists, environmentalists, and Nancy Pelosi, the Limbaugh road always leads back to race .[More]

And a commenter points out that one evidence of Hutchinson's interest in race, probably much greater than Limbaugh's, is that his writings appear "on a web site whose slogan is: "Expanding the News Lens Through Ethnic Media"." Of course, it's okay for Hutchinson to be interested in race, and to make a career writing about it, because he's black. This is an explicit double standard—see Shelby Steele Says It Out Loud: Whites Not Equal In The New America, by the late Sam Francis.

Limbaugh isn't particularly interested in race, but he's interested in whatever his audience is interested in, and that includes racial issues. In fact, everyone is interested in race, which is why Cecil Adams is always fielding questions about it. But the charge of obsession keeps coming up. In 1995 the Toronto Star review of Alien Nation was entitled Peculiar racial ideas mar immigration book. But even if you were to try to not be interested in race, race is interested in you.


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