Obamacrats Repressing Public Input On Refugee Program
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refugees clarkston

"Refugees" AKA Immigrants/Future Democrats in Clarkston Ga. H/T HowFar Ministries

On Monday I relayed Patriot Alert! Chance To Complain To State Department About The Refugee Disaster to help the wonderful (and valiant) Refugee Resettlement Watch publicize the annual State Department call for input from the public on the functioning of America’s Refugee Industry. But that was before the Obamacrat commitment to openness and transparency in Government struck. Yesterday Refugee Resettlement Watch reported US State Department will not hear public testimony on refugee program this year

For the first time that I know of, there will be no opportunity for the public to go to Washington (frankly they should be having hearings all over the country!) to make suggestions for the refugee program for the upcoming fiscal year.

We can only conclude that officials were not happy with the outspoken testimony given by a handful of concerned citizens in the last two or three cycles.

This is a more vicious blow than appears at first glance, because in keeping with the slovenly habits of this segment of the Federal Bureaucracy RRW notes

...the only way for your mailed-in testimony to see the light of day was by those of us in attendance bringing it home to review.  There was no public record made.

This year we must insist on a published public record.

Refugee Resettlement Watch has experienced a surge in traffic in the past year – this issue is getting hotter. State’s maneuver very probably does stem from a wish to prevent Patriots mobilizing.

The “Refugee” program, to the extent it is not merely profiteering by private contractors, is de facto an immigration conduit drawing from the most unsuitable populations possible. What is needed here is Congressional questioning.

Not for the first time I ask WHERE IS GOP?

And why do I have to hear of this outrage from a website operated by a private citizen?

Where are FAIR, or CIS or NumbersUSA?

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